Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Victory for anti-cuts candidates

Greenwich Save Our Services supporters have been elected as to the leadership of the newly merged the merged Unite Local Government branch. Socialist Party member Onay “kaz” Kasab has been elected branch secretary. While fellow Socialist Party member Chris Slater is Branch Treasurer. Pam Mcguffie is elected Branch Chair. And Alf Wright was voted in as assistant Branch Sec.

The new branch leadership has vowed to use his victory to build a united fight back of workers and service users in the borough against the vicious austerity packages being pushed by national and local government alike.

Greenwich Save Our services has called a meeting for the 19th May. All trade unionists, students and anti-cuts campaigners are invited to attend to discuss how we build locally to defeat the cuts.

Kaz said “We are now in a great position to take the fight to the council. After the outrageous Unison witch-hunt, where I was eventually expelled despite a court ruling in my favour, it is time to focus on the job at hand. Fighting for our jobs and services. I intend to call a meeting of trade unionists and campaigners in Greenwich to discuss how we build a movement against all cuts”

Paul Callanan, Spokesperson for Greenwich Save Our Services said “This is great news not just for Greenwich Council workers but for everyone in Greenwich who is opposed to the council’s savage cuts package. Our campaign seeks to unite all those who want to fight against the cuts. We need a united campaign of workers and service users. It is the organised working class that will ultimately defeat these cuts. Only the working class can bring this country to a standstill and defeat these attacks from central government and local councils alike. That’s why it is vital that we now have a trade union leadership in Greenwich that is prepared to fight for its members and our services”

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