Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cuts for us... buts it's party time for councillors!

The council is spending £30,000 on an inauguration for a new mayor. The event will take place at the Painted Hall at Greenwich University on 25th May.

Greenwich Save Our Services will picket the event in protest at the council spending so tax payers on a lavish party while the rest of us face attacks on our jobs and services. The protest will take place on 25th May at 7:30PM, at the Painted Hall at the Greenwich Maritime campus, Park Row, SE10 9LS.

Onay Kasab, Branch Secretary, Unite 2050 Greenwich branch secretary (personal capacity) and GreenwichSOS supporter says “This is a disgusting waste of money at a time when the council claims that it hasn’t got enough money to fund jobs and services. While members of my branch don’t know if they will be able to put food on the table the councillors will be living it up and we’ll be paying for it. That money should used to fund services like libraries, care for the sick and elderly, schools and parks. Council workers will rightly see this as a slap in the face. We will be protesting to tell the council that we will not accept these cuts and to demand that they stop wasting our money”

Paul Callanan, GreenwichSOS spokesperson and Youth fight for Jobs, National Organiser says “This is an absolute travesty. We have seen the biggest attacks on education in generation and the council wants throw a party. And to rub salt into the wound they are holding at a campus that faces the closure of a popular philosophy course. While youth unemployment stands at almost 1 million and graduate unemployment is at 20% the councillors will be gorging themselves on food and drink. This shows just how out of touch they are. We will be protesting to demand free education, decent jobs and a future for young people”

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