Friday, 22 April 2011

Library uniform scanadal



Campaigners in Greenwich have greeted with rage the news that the Council is about to spend tens of thousands of pounds to kit out library staff in a uniform. The plan was resurrected after it was ditched some 4 years ago when it was originally proposed as part of the opening of the Eltham Centre. Now, while the Council has begun implementing a cuts programme of over £64 million which includes consideration of "outsourceing" the library service, the Council has decided that it will place staff at the library in the new Woolwich Centre in a uniform. The cost is likely to be over £50,000. The cost will need to take into account the fact that library workers are "generic". This means that they work in libraries across the borough. Therefore, the council will have to pay for a uniform for an individual who may only work in Woolwich once a month.

Paul Callanan from Greenwich Save Our Services stated "This is an outrage. While services are being cut and charges being raised and increased for services such as day centres for disabled adults, homecare, parking, allotments, tennis courts and burials, the Council nevertheless thinks that it is important to spend tens of thousands of pounds on an uneccessary uniform for library staff. What exactly will a uniform achieve? No doubt it is something to do with image - in other words our services are being cut and destroyed, but dont worry because the uniforms look nice! Greenwich SOS wants to know which Council Officer came up with the idea and further, demands that that Council officer goes out and justifies the proposal to those whose services are being cut"

For further details contact Paul Callanan on 07952255333

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