Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Press release

Consultant Scandal At Cuts Council

While making over £65 million of cuts, Greenwich Council continues to engage armies of consultants. In one division of Childrens Services there are nearly 30 consultants currently being paid by the Council. These will be paid at hourly rates well above the rate paid to most employees. Their are also consultants engaged in Human Resources where staff were taken on despite redundancy pay outs to staff who left.

Paul Callanan from Greenwich Save Our Services stated "The Council must get rid of these consultants before making any cuts. The position is dubious to say the least. Who decides which consultants are taken on and what they are paid? The system is clearly not transparent and open to abuse. We demand to know how many consultants are currently engaged and at what cost".

Greenwich Save Our Services is holding a demonstration for Jobs and Services on Saturday 12th February. The march will assemble on Creton Street, Woolwich at 11:30PM


For further information contact Paul Callanan on 07952255333 or Email paul_callanan_reddevil@yahoo.co.uk

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